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About Us


Monroe Holdings LLC continues to grow product lines and customers each year with a commitment to outstanding sales and customer service, cutting edge marketing, and aggressive global purchasing. Monroe has been a leader in industrial components and hardware for over 50 years.

Monroe has a very simple operating model- give the customer what they want. By following this very simple philosophy Monroe continues to add over 175 new customers each month and has grown revenues an average of 20% annually for the last 8 years.

End Markets

Monroe serves over 3000 customers each year in a variety of markets including defense, automotive, aerospace, medical, transportation, packaging, printing, food service, machinery, and general industry.

Catalog Houses

Monroe serves thousands of customers through our major catalog accounts . Many of Monroe’s products can be found in McMaster Carr, Fastenal, M5C, Grainger, and Amazon. Monroe strongly believes the large catalog houses will continue to gain market share over the small local distributor as they continue to push into E-Commerce and local markets via walk-in stores and VMI programs.

Web Marketing & Sales

Monroe maintains a full marketing staff responsible for all SEO, PPC, photography, graphic design, and website management.

In addition Monroe companies are staffed with a very entrepreneurial inside sales team. Each “sales engineer” works with their customer’s purchasing and engineering departments to insure the” right product at the right value’.’ The sales team is given a large amount of freedom to develop business and new customers.


Monroe is extremely proud of its continued growth driven by family values and an entrepreneurial spirit.Garrett leads with a strong vision to the future and a firm belief that each management team should be allowed to operate in an environment of trust, integrity, and accountability.Garrett Morelock, CEO-Monroe


Local Distribution

Monroe believes the local distributor model is migrating from “stocking distributor “to “solution distributor” meaning they must be able to solve technical problems to be value added. As Monroe continues to expand product lines through sourcing and acquisitions the company will be better positioned to assist the local distributor with “solution based selling”.

Territorial Sales Team/Reps

Monroe views this channel as an “acquisition opportunity” Monroe currently does not use reps.


Defense: GD, AM General, Navistar, Oshkosh, Lockheed Martin, and L3 are all Monroe Defense customers.Aerospace: Boeing, Gulf Stream, Goodrich, and Honeywell are among a variety of aerospace customers.Automotive: Automotive accounts for less than 5% of Monroe sales. OEM’s include GM and Jeep.

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